sugar3.presence.presenceservice module


class sugar3.presence.presenceservice.PresenceService

Bases: gi.overrides.GObject.Object

Provides simplified access to the Telepathy framework to activities

get_activities_async(reply_handler=None, error_handler=None)
get_activity(activity_id, warn_if_none=True)

Retrieve single Activity object for the given unique id

activity_id – unique ID for the activity

returns single Activity object or None if the activity
is not found using GetActivityById on the service
get_activity_by_handle(connection_path, room_handle)
get_buddies_async(reply_handler=None, error_handler=None)
get_buddy(account_path, contact_id)
get_buddy_by_telepathy_handle(tp_conn_name, tp_conn_path, handle)

Retrieve single Buddy object for the given public key

:param tp_conn_name : str:
The well-known bus name of a Telepathy connection
:param tp_conn_path : dbus.ObjectPath:
The object path of the Telepathy connection
:param handle : int or long:
The handle of a Telepathy contact on that connection, of type HANDLE_TYPE_CONTACT. This may not be a channel-specific handle.
Returns:the Buddy object, or None if the buddy is not found

Retrieves the laptop Buddy object.


Gets the preferred telepathy connection object that an activity should use when talking directly to telepathy

returns the bus name and the object path of the Telepathy connection

share_activity(activity, properties=None, private=True)

Retrieve this process’ view of the PresenceService

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