yoshu (Josh Williams)

SugarLabs Projects

Working on the front-end for ASLO:


Will be working on the front-end for the wiki when I get finished up with ASLO.

About me

I'm from Seattle USA originally and I'm currently living in Tucson, AZ. I can be reached on twitter at @tucsonlabs and on the IRC I'm known as yoshu. My day job is running a tiny (just me) user-focused website design company in Tucson.

I specialize in front-end web development (HTML,CSS, and know a wee bit of javascript), graphic design, and have been a WordPress designer for about 2 years (it's the best CMS for website designers that I know of). I really enjoy designing icons, so if you're a Sugar activity developer and would like an icon, drop me a line. Oh, I also do most of my graphic design work using the excellent Inkscape, and do my protyping with firefox. Unfortunately, I don't have an XO, so if you have an extra one you'd like to donate... well there's probably a kid that could use it more than me. :)