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This directory contains floppy boot helpers to support Sugar on a Stick. If you have a machine which won't boot directly from a USB stick you can boot from one of these images which will then boot from the stick.

The images will need to be written to the floppy directly. Just copying an image to a floppy won't work. (It won't even fit). You will need to use something like dd under Linux or rawrite under MS Windows.

Note: The helper assumes that the VFAT filesystem on your USB stick on which SoaS is installed has been labeled 'FEDORA'. If your stick works with the SoaS Strawberry CD boot helper, it should work with this one as well. The helper will probably boot sticks that were made from other SoaS releases, but it has not been tested.

For the technically inclined, these images are modified versions of the kexec-loader boot floppy. More information about kexec-loader can be found at its web site.

Problems should probably be reported on the SoaS bug tracker.